Framed Dinosaur Stamp Set


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  • This set of stamps will come in the matted frame as shown.  The stamps are UNUSED and the sheet is complete.
  • Frame measures 11″ x 14″

1997 WORLD OF DINOSAURS #3136 Sovenir Sheet of 15 x 32 cents US Postage Stamps – IN 1997 the USPS issued the World of Dinosaurs sheet depicting two scenes – one from Colorado during the Jurassic period (about 150 million years ago) and one from Montana during the Cretaceous period (approximately 75 million years ago.) James Gurney, the artist who created this design, worked directly with paleontologists and paleo-botanists to accurately capture the dinosaurs, other animals of the period, and appropriate plant life. One of the scientific advisers Gurney consulted with was prominent U.S. paleontologist Jack Horner. Horner’s discoveries have significantly advanced the world’s knowledge of dinosaurs. The scientist also served as a consultant for the Steven Spielberg films “Jurassic Park” and “The Lost World.” Scheduled for release late in 1997, The World of Dinosaurs stamps were rushed for issue on May 1, to coincide with the release of the Steven Spielberg sequel to “Jurassic Park – The Lost World.” This blockbuster movie thrilled audiences with its lifelike depiction of dinosaurs. First Day of Issue ceremonies for the stamps were held at the Dinosaur Valley Museum in Grand Junction, Colorado – located in the heart of the world-famous “Dinosaur Triangle.” This Triangle, which extends from western Colorado to northeastern Utah, has produced a wealth of dinosaur excavation sites.