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Yesterday we had a family come into the store and after looking around they decided to crack their own geodes. There were 2 young boys and 1 younger sister. The boys dug around in the geode bin and picked out what they hoped were pretty geodes.. well, the 1st boy got a PURPLE geode (#53 purple geode cracked in the store to be exact) and the 2nd boy got a pretty dark geode with white clusters/blades present. It was time for the young girl (maybe 3 or 4 years old) to pick her geode.. but she didn’t want ANY geode.. she wanted a RAINBOW Geode!! Well.. she reached into the bin and in 2 seconds she handed me her geode. We had her put her safety goggles on and climb up the step stool in preparation for breaking her geode. The whole time I was PRAYING the she would at least get a pretty geode! After I set the goede up in the cracker, she grabbed hold of the wheel and started spinning it with the strength and enthusiasm of a teenage girl!! CRACK!! The geode was cracked open in no time flat.. I opened it up to show her and saw a grin.. I turned it around and blew the dust out of the cavity of the geode and my jaw dropped… every color in the rainbow was flashing all over the crystals as I turned it with the light.. this little girl GOT her RAINBOW GEODE!! She was extremely happy but wasn’t surprised.. heheheee… I took a couple of photos that did not do it justice.. so I shot a quick video clip. Unfortunately the video mode did not allow me to focus properly, but you can see the flashing of ALL the colors in the video clip.. GORGEOUS!! Well done little girl.. well done.. you were truly blessed.. what a precious little angel you were!